For many years while doing quite normal things such as meeting and marrying my wife, April, having children, and working, I maintained a notebook filled with abnormal ideas. Some of the notes were for some fantastic invention or product that popped into my head while driving. One of the ideas was even for a drug to suppress the metabolism of fructose after I read a few things about its pathways in the human body. But most of the entries in my little notebook were centered around story ideas. Over time and with the influence of the magazines and books I found myself reading by authors such as Bernard Cornwell and Ken Follett, most of my story ideas dealt with history. Could I write a decent work of historical fiction, I wondered?

At last in 2011 with a fair amount of anxiety, I sat down to type my first novel from that list of stories. What was to be one book turned into the original three Norseman Chronicles as I soon realized the tale was going to result in an unwieldy 1,000 pages or so. From the start I knew I wanted to include maps in all my historical novels. Since I was a child, I've loved maps. Older maps have more allure, but even a new road atlas is fun to look at.

If you're reading this, I presume you've read one or more of the books or are considering reading them. I thank you all for your support in my writing. The goal in my method or style of storytelling, such as it is, is to bring many names and dates from history to life so that we may better understand ourselves today.

My latest effort is A Fort of Thorns in the gritty The Long Fuse series which should have many more to come.  On Love & War is a sweeping Napoleonic epic that is worth a read, I think.  Girl King was written under the pen name Emily Hawk. I've written a history/fantasy Middle Grade novel called League of the Lost Fountain, which was loads of fun. I also have three other intense series.  Lions & Devils is made of three novels: Hell Shall Stir, Devils in the Breach, and Where Devils Tread.  So far I've completed five works in The Norseman ChroniclesThe NorsemanPaths of the NorsemanNorseman Chief, Norseman Raider, and Norseman's Oath. There may yet be more of Halldorr's astonishing tales discovered from their longtime hiding place, but only time will tell. The three novels in The Wald ChroniclesThe Wald, Wald Afire, & Wald Vengeance act as a completed, separate set of tales.  See the three Books pages for more information.

I still have and enjoy my day job, working as an analyst and portfolio manager for a Registered Investment Advisory firm. We call the Midwest our home. And when I say "we," I mean my wife of twenty-plus years, though it seems like less, our homeschooled children, and a mess of invited and uninvited critters.

About Me

I was born in 1973 on a working farm in Ohio. To this day, my dad lives for his farming. I never caught the bug, and spent most of my time trying to make people laugh in high school. I earned my undergraduate degree from Ashland University in picturesque Ashland, Ohio. I majored in finance and accounting which have served me well enough in my career as a Chartered Financial Analyst. My graduate degree comes from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.


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